How Do You Craft a Learn-to-Tell-Time Clock?


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To craft a learn-to-tell-time clock, cut a white paper circle, cut two paper arrows, pin the arrows to the circle with a butterfly pin, and add the numbers. Decorate the clock with markers or glitter, if desired.

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After cutting a large circle out of white paper, find colored construction paper for the arrows to use as clock hands. One arrow should be noticeably shorter than the other so the child can differentiate the hour hand from the minute hand. Use a sharp tool to puncture the center of the paper circle, and poke a butterfly pin through the bases of the arrows. Poke the pin through the hole in the clock backing, and open up the pin in the back to hold everything in place.

Draw the numbers around the perimeter of the clock. Consider using bubble script so you can color in the numbers, making them more visually appealing and easier to see from a distance. Move the arrows around to represent different times. If desired, let your students or children customize their clocks, providing decorative tools such as crayons, markers and stamps.

Supervise children closely to ensure they don't cover up the numbers or make them unreadable. When teaching children how to tell time, incorporate games into the process, such as giving a prize to whoever can guess the time first.

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