How Do You Craft Items in "Minecraft?"?


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To craft items in "Minecraft," select your character to open your game and begin clicking on trees to obtain wooden planks. Open your inventory, and locate the crafting grid to the right of your character's picture. Create a crafting table early in the game to enable crafting on any object in the game.

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Place one of the wooden planks in your inventory on the crafting grid square to start creating a crafting table. When you finish the table, choose it from your inventory, and right-click on the place in the game you want to place it. Once you place your crafting table in the game, right-click on it to open it. The crafting grid is now larger, and you no longer have to open the inventory to craft items.

When any item is completed, the materials used to craft it disappear from your inventory. Some items require specific materials for completion. Place the materials in the proper location on the grid to craft specific items. For example, create a wooden pick axe by placing a stick in the two lower squares in the middle column and placing wooden planks on the top row squares. Play with material layouts to discover new items or research combinations online to create specific items.

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