What Are Some Craft Ideas for Old Sink Faucets?

Craft ideas for old sink faucets include using the knobs as drawer pulls, pegs on a coat rack, flower-shaped garden decorations or a framework for beaded jewelry. Spigots and plumbing pieces are also useful as garment hooks, components of garden art or wall-mounted cookware racks. Craft projects calling for vintage hardware to be recycled as art or repurposed into functional decor are ideal for reusing old faucets.

A vintage faucet knob, sometimes called a valve handle, is used for a variety of craft projects. They are practical for use as cabinet hardware or hooks on a wall-mounted shelf or coat rack because of their size, depth and radial shape. Often, a screw inserted in the middle of the knob allows for simple installation. Spray paint is helpful when restoring rusty vintage parts for contemporary use.

Garden art often incorporates reused vintage household items such as old faucet parts. For instance, a brightly colored valve knob atop a wire garden stake becomes a decorative metal flower, while a cluster of knobs mounted on a piece of reclaimed wood becomes a cluster of rustic flowers with painted-on stems and leaves.

A craft idea for old spigots and faucet pipes is to hang them on a wall as stand-alone art pieces or as a place to hang cookware, umbrellas or jewelry.