What Are Some Craft Ideas for Kids Using Empty Bottles?


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Some craft ideas for kids using empty bottles include plastic bottle bracelets, bottle vases and bottle bird feeders. Plastic bottles can also be brushed with glue and wrapped with colorful yarn for a decorative touch. Afterwards, place flowers or other items inside.

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With the help of an adult, make a plastic bottle bracelet by cutting a 1 1/4-inch thick ring from the center of the bottle. Cut colored tissue paper into strips and shapes. Brush the entire surface of the plastic ring with glue, and immediately arrange the tissue paper on the wet glue. Spray or brush the tissue paper with clear glue, and allow it to dry. Add another glue top coat until it has the desired shininess.

To make a plastic bottle bird feeder, you need an old water bottle, two pencils, bird seeds, twine and an exacto knife. With the help of an adult, cut two holes at equal heights at a 180-degree angle through the bottom of a bottle so that a pencil can fit through. Cut another two holes so that the second pencil crosses just above the first.

Above the pencils or bird perches, cut small holes so that the bird can access the food. Fill the bottle halfway full with bird seed, and tie string the mouth of the bottle for the hanger.

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