What Are Some Craft Ideas for Glass Blocks?

Craft ideas for glass blocks include using them as shower enclosures, glass windows and Christmas decorations. There are a numerous ideas for glass block because they are not solid as they appear and can easily have lights inserted into them, but the hollowness also insulates them, which is what makes them suitable for outer walls and windows.

Glass blocks come in clear or frosted finishes. Frosted finishes make for great shower enclosures because they're easy to clean and install. These can be worked up in a number of different patterns using different patterns, sizes and lighting. They even have glass blocks with rounded edges for walls.

Glass blocks let in a lot of natural light, yet offer privacy at the same time when using the frosted style in windows. They're often seen in bathrooms as room dividers as well to keep the light moving through the room. In outer rooms where privacy is not needed, clear glass blocks can be used for windows as well. The blocks can be cut to fit whatever opening they need to be fitted into.

Christmas decorations are great for glass blocks because it is easy to cut a hole in them and put lights inside. Use Christmas themed stickers or ribbons to decorate the outside of the glass. With the lights, they will look great in windows or in rooms where the lights are lowered.

Some ideas that can be found on Pinterest.com incorporate bows, ribbons, sequins, and paint. One of the more popular crafts to make out of the glass blocks is a Christmas ornament such as a present or snowman. For something a little more simple, a candle holder can be made out of the block by removing the top face and placing a small wax candle or candle light inside.