What Are Some Craft Ideas for Clay Pots?

From flower pot bird feeders and terra cotta garden people to rain chains and clay pot snails, there are a variety of crafts to make with clay pots. Such pots can be transformed into decorative water fountains, creative critters, bird baths, functional smokers and marbled planters, or sentimental footprint butterflies and holiday paraphernalia.

To make a clay pot bird feeder, drill a 1/8-inch hole in the center of two terra cotta saucers. Using the same bit, add drainage holes to the base saucer. Drill three seed holes approximately 1 inch from the bottom of the flowerpot. Thread 2 feet of vinyl coated wire rope through the upper saucer, flowerpot and base saucer. Clamp a 1/8-inch ferrule, and stop set to the wire at top and at the base using pliers.

To create a bumble bee critter, paint a 4-inch rose pot with medium-yellow acrylic paint. Mark 1-inch horizontal stripes on the pot with a pencil, and paint with black acrylic. Apply glue glitter once the paint is dry. Glue a 3-inch foam ball to the rim of the pot after painting the ball with black acrylic. Cut pipe cleaners for the antennae and mouth; adhere the antennae, mouth and eyes into place.