What Are Some Free Craft Ideas?

What Are Some Free Craft Ideas?

A cork bulletin board and a chalkboard kitchen canister are free craft ideas. Both are inexpensive, as they require few materials, most of which are commonly found around the home. A cork bulletin board requires a picture frame, salvaged corks and a strong adhesive. A chalkboard kitchen canister requires chalk, chalk paint and an empty glass canister.

To make a cork bulletin board, begin by taking an old frame and removing the glass part, leaving the cardboard backing. Glue corks to the entire front of the cardboard backing of the frame, either standing them upright or laying them on their sides.

If you choose to stand the corks upright, you can create a floral design. Begin by staining the top of one cork with watered-down yellow acrylic paint to make the center of the flower. Then stain the tips of six corks with watered-down red acrylic paint to make petals. You can alternatively use food coloring for the staining.

To make a chalkboard kitchen canister, begin by cleaning and thoroughly drying a glass canister. Use chalkboard paint to create a label on the jar, either painting it by hand or using a stencil design. Alternatively, you can apply a pre-made chalkboard label to the canister. Use a piece of chalk or a chalkboard marker to create a design on your label and write the name of what you are going to put in the jar.

Before writing on your painted chalkboard label, you should season it by rubbing a piece of chalk all over it. Then clean the label with a damp cloth and allow it to dry thoroughly before you begin to use it.