How Do You Craft Construction Paper Trees?


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To craft construction paper trees, get together green construction paper, markers or crayons, scissors, and clear tape. Fold and cut the construction paper into the desired shape, and use clear tape to tape the pieces together to form a tree. Use sequins and paper or craft flowers to decorate the tree.

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Fold a piece of construction paper in half, and cut it. Put the cut pieces together, fold them in half, and sketch the outline of an evergreen tree on the opposite fold. Cut along the sketched line, and separate the two identical trees. Fold the trees separately in half again, and crease the center line slightly to mark its center. Cut a slit from the top of one tree halfway down and along the bottom half for the other tree. Put both trees together along the slits, and use clear tape to hold the tree tops and bottoms together to finish the tree.

Use brown construction paper to create a palm tree, along with crepe for the leaves. Cut the construction paper into a small rectangle as high as the tree is to be, and roll it along its long side. Glue the edges to form a cylindrical tree trunk. Cut crepe paper into long strips, fold the strips, and cut fringes to create palm leaves. Fit the leaves into the construction paper base, and use glue or clear tape to hold it in place.

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