How Do You Craft a Buckeye Necklace?

To make a buckeye necklace, first allow the buckeye nuts to dry in the sunlight for a few days, or dry them in an oven set to 200 F for two hours. Securely mount a dry buckeye nut into your vice grips. Don't overtighten the vice grips as doing so can crack the nut. Use a 1/16-inch bit to drill a hole into the nut. Repeat these steps for each nut.

Cut a piece of string several inches longer than your desired length. Tie a knot that is larger than 1/16-inch in diameter around 2 inches from one end of the string. Place the beads and buckeye nuts onto the string in the desired pattern. A simple pattern is usually more appealing than a random pattern. If desired, use the beads to provide space between the nuts.

Hold the string of beads and nuts on the unknotted end to let gravity pull the necklace pieces together. After stringing the beads and nuts, tie another knot greater than 1/16 inch at the other end of the string, as close to the final nut or bead as you can to prevent the pieces from sliding around too much. To put the necklace on, tie the ends of the string together behind your neck.