How Do You Cover a Book With a Paper Bag?


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To make a book cover out of a paper bag, cut the bag open, then fold it to match the dimensions of the book. You need scissors, a pen, a paper bag and a hardbound book.

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  1. Cut the bag open

    Cut the paper bag along a crease to the flat bottom. Carefully cut the bottom off the bag. Discard the bottom of the bag. Smooth out the rest of the bag on a flat surface, with the design side up.

  2. Mark out the book dimensions

    Open your book from the middle, and lay it flat on the paper, with the spine down. Make sure the book is centered on the paper. Trace the outline of the book with your pen.

  3. Fold the paper into the cover

    Remove your book from the paper. Fold the paper along the lines indicating the top and bottom of the book. Without unfolding the previous folds, continue to fold the paper along the lines indicating the left and right of the book. After the sides are folded, there should be two pockets, each no less than 2 inches long.

  4. Cover the book

    Slide the front and back covers into the paper pockets. If the edge of the cover does not reach the pocket's fold when the book is open, remove the cover, and cut the excess. The top and bottom of the paper should slightly protrude above the top and bottom of the book. Once both covers are in the pockets, close the book, and crease the paper along the spine.

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