What Are the Court Rules of Bocce Ball?


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The goal of bocce ball is to bowl a set of balls as close as possible to a smaller target ball known as a pallina. The team that ends up with a ball closest to the pallina gains points, and the first team to reach 16 points wins.

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What Are the Court Rules of Bocce Ball?
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The game is played with two teams, each with one to four players, and each team uses four balls per round. A coin flip determines which team places the pallina by rolling it within the boundaries of the court. Afterwards, the other team bowls a single ball.

The next ball is always thrown by the team who is currently losing, meaning that the ball closest to the pallina belongs to the other team. The throws continue until all balls have been thrown. The team with the closest ball to the pallina at the end of each round receives one point. If the teams tie, meaning the closest ball from each team is exactly the same distance from the target, then neither team receives any points.

Balls must be thrown underhand and cannot roll out of bounds. A ball that rolls out of bounds is removed from play. The players also may not cross the foul line while releasing the ball. The first team to 16 points wins the entire game.

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