What Are Some Couples Games to Play at Home?


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Some couples games to play at home include question games, cooperative video games and secret message games. These home activities can all help to increase emotional intimacy and bring couples closer together.

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Even the most intimate couples don’t know everything about each other, and playing a question game can help fill in the gaps. Each partner takes turns asking a question, which the other partner must answer truthfully. The questions can range from humorous to serious, centering on personal history, hopes and aspirations, emotional struggles or anything else either partner is curious about.

While playing video games may not seem like much of a bonding exercise, cooperative games in which players must work together can be an excellent way for partners to grow closer. By playing on the same team, partners enter into an entirely new realm of communication and are forced to work together in new ways to solve a game’s challenges. The teamwork of a cooperative game also helps a couple better understand how each member approaches and addresses problems.

A secret message game gives couples a chance to share their deepest desires and fantasies. Each partner writes down a specific wish or request that involves the other partner; they then place those responses in envelopes and wait until a predetermined time to reveal them to each other. This game can help trust and keep a relationship interesting.

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