What Countries Participate in the EuroMillions?


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As of 2014, there are nine countries that participate in the EuroMillions lottery, including France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom. EuroMillions is a bi-weekly lottery drawing that is also played in Luxembourg, Ireland, Switzerland and Austria.

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It is also possible to play EuroMillions from outside the nine participating countries by purchasing tickets online from a lottery concierge service. Within the participating countries, tickets can be purchased online or through one of the many licensed ticket retailers. To play, players select five numbers from between one and 50 and an additional two Lucky Star numbers from between one and 11.

The EuroMillions draws are held in Paris every Tuesday and Friday at 8:45 p.m. CET. As of 2014, a standard one-line ticket with five numbers and two Lucky Star numbers costs either £2.00, €2.00 or 3 Swiss francs, depending on where it is purchased. A player wins by matching his numbers to those that are drawn, and payouts start with two matches. The jackpot is awarded if a player matches all five numbers and the two Lucky Star numbers.

All prizes are awarded in the local currency with which the ticket was purchased, and are paid as a lump sum. The prizes are also tax-free in every participating country, except Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

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