What Are Some Counters to Twisted Fate?


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Some counters to Twisted Fate include Fizz, Diana and Ahri, as of 2015. However, which champions counter Twisted Fate is subject to change between patches, so it's important to stay up-to-date to find out the best ways to counter the champion.

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In general, Twisted Fate has a hard time with highly aggressive champions. Fizz, Diana and Ahri all have attacks that grant them mobility as well as a large amount of damage. While playing one of the champions who counters him, try to deny the farm that Twisted Fate gets and play more aggressively, especially when his Pick A Card ability is on cool-down. After that, poke and harass, build tenacity to escape his hard crowd control, and use your own crowd control, if you have it, to keep him behind.

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