Who Counters Garen in "League of Legends"?

The better counters for Garen in “League of Legends” are Teemo. Pantheon, Elise, Jayce, Yorick and Darius. Players should avoid using Riven, Renekton, Jax, Akali, Nasus and Wukong when fighting Garen, as they are weak against him.

When fighting Garen, avoid staying in the same plane with him when low on health. Garen's ultimate attack deals extra damage to targets that are low on health. Because he is a physical fighter, players have a better chance of fighting him by keeping their distance; his spin attack can do massive damage if it connects. Players should also work on lowering his passive ability so he cannot use regeneration when at a distance.

Garen does not fight well against champions who have high-mobility, so players should use this to their advantage. Since his regeneration ability can become extremely powerful if he doesn't take damage for several seconds, it's often best to team attack him. The only time that Garen is really constricted is during his cool-down phase. Players should plan their attacks around his cool down to avoid taking massive damage. This also makes spells such as "exhaust" extremely effective against Garen. Players should also consider casting the barrier spell to protect themselves.