What are some "Counter-Strike" cheat codes?


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���Counter-Strike��� cheat codes include the ability to view all deleted scenes by typing ���cl_levellocks 16382,��� to be invisible to all enemies by using ���notarget,��� and to make computer-controlled players not move by using ���bot_zombie 1.��� All codes are entered into the in-game console window by pressing the grave accent button, which looks like a backward apostrophe and is usually located beside the "1" key on a keyboard.

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Before players can use any cheat codes in ���Counter-Strike,��� they must access the in-game console and type ���sv_cheats 1,��� which enables all cheats. After this code is entered, users can turn on a number of cheats. To use the change level code, for example, players must enter the name of the map to which they wish to switch. This may look like ���changelevel office,��� ���changelevel tundra��� or ���changelevel nuke.���

Players can also make it easier to activate the codes that they use most often by binding them to certain keys. For instance, players could bind the cheat code ���impulse 101,��� which gives them $16,000, to the ���v��� key by typing ���bind v impulse 101��� into the console window. Every time the players hit the ���v��� key on their keyboards, that cheat code then activates.

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