How Do You Count Your Cribbage Hand?


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In cribbage, a player can score points from adding cards that total 15, having pairs, runs, flushes, royal flushes and nobs. Each set of cards that total 15 and pairs are worth two points, and each card in a run or flush and nobs are worth one point.

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The term "nobs" in Cribbage, refers to holding a jack of the same suit as the cut card. Runs can be of different suits, but must be in sequential order. A flush refers to having all cards of the same suit and a royal flush is holding all cards of the same suit and in sequential order.

When playing a game of Cribbage, the dealer gets to count two hands at the end of each round. The extra cards come from each player throwing cards into a pile for the dealer to count at the end of the round.

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