What Are Some Costumes That You Can Make Yourself?


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Do-it-yourself costumes such as a "bag of jelly beans" or "ghost" are easy to make and versatile. Women's costumes include popular culture references such as Rosie the Riveter and the Orbit Girl. Men and women can create the timeless "nerd" ensemble or put together iconic monster costumes such as the vampire and the mummy. Homemade costumes for couples include Velma and Shaggy from "Scooby-Doo," Waldo and Wenda, and Mario and Luigi.

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The bag of jelly beans costume only requires two materials. Simply fill a clear trash bag with blown-up balloons and tie it about the neck. The classic ghost costume is just as easy; find a white sheet and cut out two holes for eyes.

Rosie the Riveter, the Orbit Girl and the nerd costumes require a little bit more work. To create these costumes, find similar clothing items such as Rosie's denim shirt and red bandana. Nerd costumes usually call for plain shirts, overalls and glasses.

Some homemade costumes need a few more supplies like fabric paint and face paint. For instance, the vampire costume is not complete without a set of fangs and fake blood. Also, since Waldo and Wendy striped red-and-white shirts may be hard to come by, fabric paint may be essential to create the stripes.

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