How Are Cork Wreathes Made?


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To make a cork wreath, you need a foam wreath form, burlap or another coarse fabric, a hot glue gun and at least a dozen glue sticks, pliers, wooden toothpicks and as many wine corks as you can find. Some styles of wreaths require more than 200 corks.

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The most important material to have on hand to make a cork wreath is wine corks. A large wreath may require hundreds of corks. Depending the style and size of wreath you make, you need to find a reliable source. One suggestion is to ask at local wine bars and restaurants.

Next, choose a wreath form. Because corks won’t stick directly to willow and grapevine wreath forms, find a foam wreath form in the desired size. To make sure the corks stay put, wrap the wreath form in a coarse fabric such as burlap. According to “DIY Wine Cork Wreath,” you need a narrow strip that’s at least 5 feet long.

Use pliers to hold the corks firmly while you insert the toothpicks in one end. Then, apply hot glue to the toothpick-end of the corks, and stick the toothpicks in the wreath form. Some crafters recommend starting with the inside circle of the wreath, while others start on the outside edge and work in. Let the glue dry completely before you move it or apply other decorations.

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