How Do You Copy PSP UMD Games to an ISO?


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Creating an .ISO file from a UMD disc is easy to do if you have the right custom firmware installed on your PSP. Custom firmware gives you access to the VSH menu, which in turn allows you to hook up the PSP to a PC and create an .ISO file.

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  1. Install custom firmware

    Custom firmware enables the PSP to run software it would normally not be able to and also allows access to hidden functions. In this case, a custom firmware that provides access to the VSH menu is needed. PRO CFW is an example of one, but there are others that will work.

  2. Access the VSH menu

    With the custom firmware installed and running, insert the UMD you want to copy into the PSP. Enter the VSH menu (usually done by pressing the select button) and change the USB Device setting to the UMD.

  3. Connect to a computer and create the .ISO file

    When you connect the PSP to a computer with the USB cable and initialize the USB connection, the contents of the UMD should appear as an external drive on the computer. An .ISO file can now be created. These .ISO files can be transferred back to the PSP memory stick and run from there using custom firmware.

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