How do you coordinate guitar chords and lyrics?


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Coordinate guitar chords and lyrics by practicing with simple rhythms, knowing all of the chords in a song perfectly, playing along with a metronome and humming the lyrics first. Singing and playing guitar at the same time can be difficult for beginners, but frequent practice is the key to success.

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How do you coordinate guitar chords and lyrics?
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Starting out with a complex, difficult song is a surefire way to induce frustration. Begin by practicing on songs that have simple chord changes and less complex vocal melodies. Working on these simpler songs makes it easier to perceive the nuances of combining singing and strumming. Many popular songs have simple chord progressions, such as Creedence Clearwater Revival���s ���Bad Moon Rising��� and The Troggs��� ���Wild Thing.���

Even with a simple songs, it���s vital to know all of the chords exactly. Practice to the point that making correct chord changes takes no thought at all. Learning to sing along while playing occupies most of a beginner���s concentration, so it���s important to not have to think about how to form different chords. Playing with a metronome can also help reinforce proper rhythm and ensure precise, timely chord changes. Although it can feel awkward at first, metronome practice can significantly improve strumming technique.

Humming a song���s vocal melody, rather than singing the lyrics outright, is another useful step to learn simultaneous singing and playing. Humming allows for concentration on the rhythm and melody, rather than the exact lyrics.

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