What Is Coolmath's Santa Kicker 2?


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The game "Super Santa Kicker 2" on CoolMath-Games.com tasks players with using reindeer to kick Santa Claus to launch him off the sleigh and down different chimneys in order to deliver presents. Each level includes different obstacles and requirements, such as multiple chimneys or presents blocking Santa's path.

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The main game play mechanic in "Super Santa Kicker 2" is a physics-based launching system that uses the mouse to set the trajectory and force of the projectile, which in this case is Santa Claus. By moving the mouse up and down on the screen, the player is able to set the overall arc of each launch. Moving the mouse to the left decreases the force with which the reindeer kick Santa Claus, while moving it to the right increases the force. Players receive an infinite number of attempts to launch Santa Claus from the starting point into the chimneys to complete the level.

Each level includes various obstacles that require careful planning to avoid or destroy. For example, the first level includes several floating packages that prevent Santa Claus from making a straight shot into the chimney. Every level also includes sacks of presents that provide a score bonus if Santa Claus lands on them.

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