What Are Some Coolified Games About Math?


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Some Coolified games about math include "FractOne," "Fraction Splat," "Subtraction Blast" and "Crazy Taxi M-12." These games are sold under the CoolMath brand and help students develop math skills. Some other math-related games are "Coffee Shop" and "2048."

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"FractOne" helps students learn addition and fractions by requiring them to click on pairs of fractions that add up to 1. In "Fraction Splat," players must click on the target fractions that fit the category given while avoiding the fractions that do not fit. The categories of target fractions may be fractions greater than or equal to 1, or fractions that are less than ½.

In "Subtraction Blast," players use the 2 and 3 keys as firing keys and subtract this amount whenever they fire that key. The goal is to get their total down to exactly 0 by firing the 2 and 3 key as needed. In "Crazy Taxi M-12," students practice with multiplication tables in a racing environment. As they race, they are given instructions such as "crash into cars that are multiples of 2" or "avoid cars that have numbers that are multiples of 10."

In "Coffee Shop," the student runs a real number-themed coffee shop and must perform mathematical functions related to purchasing supplies, setting a price and creating recipes. "2048" helps students practice basic addition by making them find squares that add up to 2048.

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