What Are Some Cool Things to Build?


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Some cool things to build are a shelf with a secret compartment, an indoor climbing rope or an old fashioned pass-through cabinet. Let your passions, be they carpentry, physical fitness or non-traditional home decor determine your choice.

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To build a floating shelf with a cool hidden compartment, simply build a shallow box that has the back attached to the lid. The back has a piano hinge and two friction lid supports that attach to the remainder of the box. The two friction lid supports, one on each side, prevent the bottom from dropping open.

If fitness is an interest, try installing a climbing rope. Mount the rope connection hardware to a 34-inch length of 2-by-4 lumber, and then use screws at least 3.5 inches long to attach the 2-by-4 to at least three ceiling studs. See if the rope can be used in place of stairs to encourage daily use.

A pass-through cabinet is most commonly seen in the doctor's office, but they are pretty cool between sibling's bedrooms to facilitate late night bonding, in the master bedroom to deliver early morning coffee or surprise love notes, or between rooms to share access to electronics.

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