What are some cool photo effects?


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Some cool photo effects and techniques include bokeh, panning and fill flash. Long exposure and contre-jour are other cool photo effects. While the rule of thirds is a compositional technique, it can produce more effective photos.

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Bokeh is a photography effect that blurs the background. It is created using a focusing tightly on the subject and using a wide aperture. Bokeh may be distracting if it is so extreme that it takes away from the subject of the photo. Photographers can use filters to create bokeh in specific shapes, such as hearts and stars.

Panning is a photography effect created by moving an image horizontally, vertically or rotationally. It displays a clear subject in front of a blurred background. To create the panning effect on an image, photographers must follow the subject as it moves, framing the subject while pressing the shutter button. Panning is useful for moving subjects, such as those participating in sports.

Fill flash makes dark areas of an image appear lighter. This effect works well for back-lit environments and for brightening a subject's eyes or face. Photographers must be close enough to use the camera's flash to add fill flash to an image. To create the fill flash effect, the photographer adjusts aperture and shutter speed to expose the background of an image while using the flash to lighten the foreground.

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