What Are Some Cool Online Math Games?


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Some cool online math games include “Multiplication Grand Prix” and “Jet Ski Addition.” Both games are available on Hoodamath.com. In the games, players face off against real gamers in mathematics battles.

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Before starting either game, players have to create their own usernames to use during the session. Once they choose one, they can pick to join a room currently in session or to create their own. When creating a room, they can choose to make the room public or private. Each game can have up to four players. If there aren't enough human players to make a game, the game adds computer-controlled characters into the mix.

In “Multiplication Grand Prix,” players put their multiplication skills to the test in an attempt to be the fastest cars to get around the track. They can answer multiplication questions correctly to give their cars a boost. If they get an answer wrong, they have to wait a few seconds before they can answer another, putting them at a disadvantage. At the end of the race, players can see their rank. “Jet Ski Addition” works much in the same way as “Multiplication Grand Prix,” except players race across the water and gain boosts based on their addition skills.

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