Who Are Some Cool "Minecraft" Survival Games Servers?

According to a list compiled by minecraftservers.org, the most popular "Minecraft" survival game servers as of 2015 are UberMC.net, Mineplex, Cube Craft, Hypixel and TheArchon. Minecraftservers.org features a list of over 2,000 different survival game servers, each alongside its server status and player count. These are not exclusively survival games servers, but they have dedicated sections for survival games.

Each individual server has a different survival games variation. The number of players in each game ranges from 15 to 80, and the maps can vary wildly in size and treasure chests available. There are, however, a few general rules that apply to almost all survival games servers. All have players spawn around a cornucopia of treasure and let them free to either go for the treasure or run into hiding. Also, there is almost always a close-quarters deathmatch between the final three surviving players.

Some servers have unique variations of the traditional rules. Hypixel has a variation called "Blitz" survival games, which is a class-based variation. On spawn, players choose a class of default items with which to spawn. Furthermore, after five minutes, the Blitz Star is released, which can be used to execute one of many Blitz attacks in the game.