What Are Some Cool Minecraft Skins?

What Are Some Cool Minecraft Skins?

Cool Minecraft skins include Iron Man, Batman, Diamond Assassin, Dwarf Red Beard and Slenderman. These are the most popular skins on the creative community website Planet Minecraft. Users create Minecraft skins and can upload them for others to use.

More cool skins included on the Planet Minecraft website are Yeti (with real moving eyes and mouth), Portal 2 Atlas, Captain America, Psy - Gangnam Style and Sphax PureBDCraft Hero.

The most popular skins designed for female models are Paladin Suit, Domo Girl, Girl, Huntress v2 and Pretty Girl. Although skins are all put onto the same basic model, the way the skin is designed can make one playable character look vastly different from another.

To find a skin suiting a specific need, use the search bar. Searching for a "cat" skin, for example, will bring up results such as Poptart Cat and Calico Cat. Use this tool to find the perfect custom skin.

PC Games N lists their top 100 Minecraft skins by category. These categories include superhero, film and TV, animal, Internet culture and Valve themed. The categories continue with video games, monster, warrior, cool and Christmas themes. When choosing a cool Minecraft skin, these top categories are a good first place to look for skins that are popular and well-made.