What Are Some Cool Lego Games?


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Some cool Lego games are "Lego Jurassic World: Dinosaur Rampage," "Lego Marvel Superheroes: Team Up" and "Lego Juniors: Fire Truck." These free-to-play games are all available at the official Lego website.

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In "Lego Jurassic World: Dinosaur Rampage," gamers take control of a rampaging dinosaur. Players smash items and cause destruction while avoiding electricity and other traps. Collecting items such as Legos and glowing DNA allow players to upgrade their dinosaurs to make them even more destructive.

"Lego Marvel Superheroes: Team Up" provides a tag team battle for players. Players begin the game by choosing the three players they want on their team. During gameplay, players battle against evil opponents, getting points in the process. The players use the gained points to unlock better, upgraded weapons to fight with on future levels of the game.

"Lego Juniors: Fire Truck" is intended for younger gamers. Players get the chance to test themselves on a firefighter-training course. The goal of the game is to put out 10 small fires along the way. When all 10 fires are out, the player gets to watch the fireman do a happy dance. The game helps small children develop their hand and eye coordination while having fun.

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