What Are Some Cool Games to Play at a Bonfire Party?

cool-games-play-bonfire-party Credit: Jupiterimages/Photolibrary/Getty Images

There are many cool games that work perfectly for a group of friends sitting around a bonfire, including Truth or Dare, Telephone and Two Truths and a Lie. Since they center on the fire, bonfire games typically need to be uncomplicated, with few or no moving parts.

Legend has it Truth of Dare originated back in the 18th century when a commanding officer made his subordinates answer truthfully any question he asked. If the subject refused to answer, they would be forced to follow a command. While the game now operates a bit more lightheartedly, the basic rules are still the same. Truth of Dare can be embarrassing, funny, candid or a mixture of all three, making it a great game for friends to share around a fire. Telephone is another game that works perfectly at a bonfire. One player whispers a word or phrase into a neighbor's ear, who must then whisper their understanding of the phrase into another neighbor's ear. The almost inevitable errors in retelling make for some hilarious phrases, and the circle around the bonfire provides a perfect environment for the game. Two Truths and a Lie works exactly as its title implies. Players take turns sharing two true statements and one false one, with other players attempting to guess the lie. The game is a merry, enjoyable way for friends to grow closer together.