What Are Some Cool Gamertag Ideas?


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According to Altered Gamer, cool gamertag ideas involve coming up with a name that works within the context of a game's pop-up notification system. For example, in shooters, a notification pops up when the player is killed that says, “Killed by (the gamertag of the killer).” Using the gamertag A Pro causes the pop up notification to read “Killed by A Pro.”

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When creating a gamertag, it's important for gamers to remember that most online gaming services have rules and regulations on the gamertags that can be created. For example, Microsoft does not allow gamers to create gamertags that contain racism or profanity. Doing so can result in the gamer's online profile being banned from the Xbox Live service.

Gamers should also stay away from words and phrases that are outdated. For example, when shooter franchises such as Call of Duty first came out, the term “noob” was often used in gamertags. Not only has the use of this term come to be considered lame, but it often causes players to gang up on users with noob in their gamertags.

Gamertags that have idle boasting in them also don't tend to be very memorable. For example, gamertags such as Super Killa or One Shot Kill often come across as arrogant rather than cool.

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