What Are Some Cool DIY Project Ideas?

What Are Some Cool DIY Project Ideas?

Examples of do-it-yourself projects include a pop tab purse, a plastic spoon lamp and dried pineapple flowers. Other DIY project examples are rosy stationery and toilet paper roll wall art.

To create a pop tab bag, cut pop tabs and then link them together in a certain pattern. To make a plastic spoon lamp, cut the stem off a spoon and then glue the spoon pieces to a plastic bottle. Do this in layers so that the spoons form a scale-like covering over the bottle. Then, fit a light bulb into the opening of the plastic bottle.

Making dried pineapple flowers requires slicing a pineapple into really thin discs and then placing the discs in a cupcake baking sheet to be baked.

Using the end of a head of Treviso radicchio as a stamp creates a rose-like pattern. After cutting the stem off the head of lettuce, it is necessary to dry it for five minutes. You can press the dried cut side into a stamp pad and then stamp it on cards, stationary and other paper gifts.

Toilet paper wall art requires empty toilet paper rolls, glue, scissors, bobby pins and spray paint. The process involves cutting the toilet paper rolls into thin rings and then making flowers or other shapes out of the rings by using the bobby pins to hold the rings together.