What Are Some Cool Car Games?


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I Spy, 20 Questions and The License Plate Game are three car game classics, says Edmunds.com. With I Spy, one player selects an object visible to all, and the others try to guess what it is. Twenty Questions typically kicks off with "Animal, vegetable or mineral?" Questioning proceeds until participants guess correctly, up to a maximum of 20 questions. In one variation of "The License Plate Game" passengers make up nonsense explanations for the initials on other cars' plates.

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What Are Some Cool Car Games?
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Starting a game of I Spy requires one player to state, "I spy with my little eye something that begins with ___," where the player inserts the first letter of whatever object is the focus of the round. Alternatively, the player begins with "I spy with my little eye something ___," where the player inserts the object's color. It is unfair to chose an object that is only briefly visible.

Twenty Questions allows the player leading the game to select anything as the focus of the game, and the other participants have a limit of 20 questions to determine what the object is. That game may be challenging for younger players.

"The License Plate Game" has at least two variations. One involves making up nonsensical explanations for the letters on other cars' plates and then debating which explanation is best. Another variation involves creating a "collection" of license plates by identifying the states from which the plates came. The player spotting the most states wins the game.

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