What Are Some Cool Animals for National Geographic Animal Jam?


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The animals that players can choose to play in the "National Geographic Animal Jam" game include a wolf, monkey, seal, panda, tiger or penguin. Players can choose which animal they would like to be before beginning the game.

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After choosing an animal, players then generate a name using three wheels made up of nouns and adjectives, ending up with a name like "Fuzzy Magictoes." Players can choose to play simple games or go on adventures in which they must accomplish certain goals to earn gems and other rewards. Gems can be traded for in-game merchandise that ties in with current events. For example, for National Honey Bee Day, in-game merchandise includes beehives and honey jars.

All the action in "National Geographic Animal Jam" takes place in the fictional land of Jamaa, which features various environments such as jungle settings and underwater settings. The world of Jamaa is populated by other player characters to interact with. Most of the games and adventures involve exploring and protecting the environment while learning fun and interesting animal facts along the way. Each time a player logs in, plays a new game or begins an adventure, new facts about animals are shown along with simple instructions for the game.

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