What Are Some Cookie Jam Games?


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There is only one "Cookie Jam" game as of 2015, and it is published by SGN. "Cookie Jam" is a mobile game available on Android and iOS. It is also playable on a PC or tablet using a Facebook account.

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In "Cookie Jam," the player earns points and clears levels by swapping cookies in order to get three matches in a row. Cookies come in different colors and shapes, and a potential match must have both. For instance, two red heart cookies and a red star cookie don't count as a match, while three red star cookies do. Players work power-ups into matches to gain perks, such as bonus points or extra time on the level.

If a player moves a cookie that completes two or more matches, he earns points on each successfully completed match in addition to bonus points. This makes it possible to clear a level quickly with turns left over at the end, which translates into even more bonus points. In some later levels, the player must stack cookie matches because there are not enough turns given to clear the level one match at a time.

"Cookie Jam" is available in the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store.

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