How Do You Convert a Photo Into a Cartoon?


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One method of converting a photo into a cartoon is through the use of photo editing software, such as Photoshop. While precise methods differ according to the various filters and brush strokes available in each software package, the basic steps remain the same.

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Convert the photo into a digital image using a scanner if the image isn't already available in a digital format. Launch the photo editor and then import the photo into the program. Duplicate the background layer to provide a work surface. Remove the color from the photo. Duplicate the new layer and then invert the tones of the picture to create clearly seen lines. Select Color Dodge as the Blend Mode, then apply an eight-pixel Gaussian blur filter.

Increase the line clarity by choosing Multiply as the Blend Mode and then multiply the image three times before merging the layers. Copy the image to get a new workspace, then select a brush. Use the Brush Tool to clean up the picture, applying the colors desired to create a more cartoon-like effect. Use separate layers for each color to allow for easy editing. Add in any background effects to finish the image, then save under the name and digital format of your choice.

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