What Does Consumer Reports Say About Microfiber Products?


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Consumer Reports recommends using microfiber cloths for wiping the wax off of cars, dusting off items in the house, and using microfiber mops to eliminate dirt and bacteria off of floors. Microfiber is a bit more expensive than regular dust or cleaning rags, but it is much cheaper and more cost-effective than an ostrich feather duster.

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Microfiber cloths come in different shapes, sizes and thickness, depending on the type of cleaning for which they are made. Consumer Reports instructs readers to use softer and thicker cloths for dusting, because they are more absorbent and are less likely to scratch sensitive surfaces. The flatter, firmer cloths are better for polishing, and they are very effective at cleaning smudges off of glass and other hard materials.

Microfiber can be used wet or dry, but Consumer Reports advises not to soak a cloth in cleaning solution. When using a chemical, the cloth is most effective when slightly damp with the cleaning solution. The publication also reported a microfiber cloth's price to average between $1 and $1.60 per cloth, as of 2016, when grouped as a multi-pack.

Microfiber also removes 20 percent more bacteria and dirt than a string mop when cleaning a floor, according to Consumer Reports. The publication interviewed the owner of a home-cleaning service about microfiber effectiveness.

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