How Do You Construct a Rotating Display Stand?


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A rotating display stand can be built from three plywood rounds, 4-inch PVC pipe, 4-inch PVC caps, and a lazy Susan base. These components make a tiered display case that can rotate at will.

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You also need a chunk of scrap wood and supplies such as screws and paint. The plywood rounds should be of various graduated sizes and are available in most hardware stores. Determine the center of the largest circle, and use three screws to attach one of the 4-inch caps upside down at the center of the circle. Do the same for the medium-sized plywood round, but place the caps on both the top and bottom of the plywood round. Place another cap on the bottom of the smallest plywood round. Use three screws to attach each of the caps. Cut the PVC pipe to lengths that achieve the desired height, and attach them to the caps; you can have a hardware store do the cutting if necessary.

Paint the plywood rounds, but do not paint the PVC pipe. Doing so can result in the pipe sticking to the PVC caps very firmly. Install the lazy Susan base underneath the largest plywood round at the bottom to ensure easy rotation.

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