How Do You Construct a Macram Plant Hanger?


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To construct a macramé plant hanger, cut a macramé cord into six similar-sized pieces, fold the cords in half, lay them together, and place a metal ring at the center of all the cords. Affix four of the cords to a knotting board, make two square knots using them, and remove from the board. Repeat the process for the remaining cords. Form new sections comprising of four cords each, and knot as before. Finally, knot the ends of the cords.

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Begin making a macramé plant hanger by measuring the area to determine the cord length. Then, cut a macramé cord into six pieces that measure five times the required length. After folding the cords in half, lay them with their ends together, and slip in a metal ring of 2-inch diameter through the ends. Position the ring at the midway point of the cords, and use an overhand knot to secure it in this position.

Group the ends of the cords into three parts, each comprising of four ends. Affix one cord part to a knotting board using pins. Square knot the cords of this part to form the hanger's top, and make a similar knot below it. Remove this cord part, and repeat the process with the remaining two cord parts.

Create three new cord parts, each comprising of four cords by grouping two cords each from adjacent parts. Make square knots again using each cord section as before to form the hanger's base. Ensure that the knots are formed at a uniform level.

Finally, secure all the ends of the cords together about 8 inches over the other knots. Ensure that this knot is positioned right beneath the base's midpoint.

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