How Do You Connect an Xbox 360 to a PC?

How Do You Connect an Xbox 360 to a PC?

To connect an Xbox 360 to a PC, connect to a wireless network, download Windows Media Player and activate Media Sharing. Ensure that the console is fully updated before connecting the PC.

  1. Connect the console

    Add the Xbox 360 to a wireless network.

  2. Enable Media Sharing

    Add Windows Media player to activate Media Sharing. Connect the console to Xbox Live. Go to Library, and then More Options. After going to Library again, click on Configure Sharing. Enable the console to allow file sharing.

  3. Check the media type

    Go to the Media section of the Xbox, and select the media type, such as Pictures. Look for all of the PCs available on the menu list, and check the computer to see if the pictures stream to the PC.