How Do You Connect a PS3 to a Laptop?


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You may connect a PS3 to your laptop by going through the home network. First, unplug all networking devices, reboot them and, using Wi-Fi, connect your PS3 and laptop to the same network. You may also connect via an Ethernet connection or through a video capture card.

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  1. Reboot all network devices

    Unplug your home networking devices and leave them for approximately two minutes. Plug your devices back in and wait for everything to reboot.

  2. Connect your PS3

    If you are using an Ethernet cable, connect the PS3 to your network router via its network port. Otherwise, connect to the Wi-Fi by entering the PS3's "Network Settings" through the Xcross Media Bar. Next, select "Internet Connection" and click "X," select "Enabled" and click "X" again. Enter into the "Internet Connection Settings" and select "Yes." Choose between "Easy" or "Custom" settings to automatically detect your network's settings, or enter them manually. Next, choose your preference between a wired or wireless connection. Enter the network's password. Finally, perform a Test Connection to confirm Internet connection.

  3. Connect your laptop to the home network

    Using a Wi-Fi connection or an Ethernet cable, connect your laptop to the same home network port as your PlayStation 3.

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