How Do You Connect a PS3 Controller to the Console?


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The simplest way to connect the controller to a Sony PlayStation 3 video game console is via a USB cable, after turning the console on, which will automatically pair it with the PS3. Connecting directly also powers the controller, which can unplugged and used wirelessly once paired.

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Each time the console is turned off, any controller pairings will be cleared. This is also the case if a controller has been paired with another PS3 console.

  1. To pair a controller with another console, or to pair again after the power has been turned off, connect the controller with the console via the USB cable, and wait for the automatic pairing process to complete.
  2. A controller number must now be assigned to the controller, which can be achieved by pressing the PS button found in the middle of the device.
  3. The numbers on the top left of the controller will stop flashing, leaving the assigned number lit, from one to four.
  4. Up to seven controllers can be paired with a PS3 at any one time. Simply repeat the process as many times as needed to pair additional controllers.
  5. Controllers can be used wirelessly once paired, but will consume battery power while in wireless mode. Battery charge can be checked by holding down the PS button on the controller.
  6. To recharge the controller, simply connect to the console via the USB cable as needed.
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