How Do You Connect With Fellow Sarah Conventry Collectors?

How Do You Connect With Fellow Sarah Conventry Collectors?

The best way to connect to fellow Sarah Conventry collectors is through one of the two Facebook pages. Most websites that mention this jewelry line are for posting items for sale or relating the history of the company founded in 1949 and sold in 1984.

The Sarah Coventry and Emmons Facebook page are the easiest to access. This is a discussion group to share stories about Sarah Coventry and its predecessor, Emmons. In the Information part it states very clearly that it “is not a site to sell jewelry or any other item. Any attempt to sell will be removed.” There is also a link to a website where jewelry can be purchased.

The other Facebook page is the Sarah Coventry Lovers page, but to access it one must initiate a session or register. There has been recent activity, but there is no website.

In the Fashion section of under the heading “Costume jewelry” there is a sidebar with designers. On the vintage Sarah Coventry page there is a tab for “Show and Tell” for posting photos and making comments.

Subscribers to B’sue Boutiques, a website dedicated to “jewelry making outside the box,” can write in questions and make comments.