What Computer Games Are Available for Kindergarten Students on ABCya?

ABCya offers a variety of kindergarten computer games, such as “Keyboarding Zoo,” “Counting Fish,” “Make an Easter Egg,” “Make a Pizza” and “Tingly Bubble Shooter.” The website offers five categories of educational games that include letters, numbers, holiday, skills and strategy.

The letter game “Alphabet Slider Puzzles” is an educational activity for kindergarten students who have to solve puzzles of alphabets’ pictures by putting together the pieces. An audio pronunciation, a related word and a picture follow each completed puzzle.

In the game “Counting Fish,” students need to match the correct number from available options that matches number of fish on the screen. Featuring three levels of difficulty, the game requires a child to score at least 70 percent to cross a level. The holiday-themed game “Christmas Lights” allows kids to put up lights on a house.

“Road Rally” is a strategic driving game that involves collecting coins and fuel while avoiding other vehicles. Students can use the collected coins to upgrade their vehicles. This game features six different driving platforms, including outer space.

The skill based game “Same and Different” tests a child’s skills in identifying similar and dissimilar objects. This game requires students to select donuts that are same or different in terms of shape, color or a combination of both.