What Are the Components of a Pimp Suit?


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A pimp outfit has six components: a flashy suit, a matching shirt, a fedora, platform or alligator shoes, jewelry and cologne. The suit is the most important element. Purple is a classic color, but some people may select a striped or neon-colored outfit. Blue, yellow, orange and green are all likely choices. Dressing up like a pimp is a fairly common Halloween costume option for adults.

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A colloquial term for "procurers," pimps manage a group of prostitutes, providing protection and clients in return for a percentage of their earnings. The word "pimp" first appeared in 1607, believed to have been derived from the French "pimper" which means to dress elegantly or seductively. Its modern usage appeared later that century and sometimes referred to a ladies' man or a person of ill-repute.

In pop culture, pimps have been depicted as comical and sometimes likable characters, garbed in flashy outfits and seen driving expensive cars. They are represented as wearing outrageous clothing and heavy gold jewelry, sometimes carrying a "pimp cane" in one hand with a prostitute on the other arm. However, law enforcement officers sometimes target pimps over prostitutes, identifying them as the leading criminals and the prostitutes as the victims.

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