What Companies Repair Hammond Organs?

What Companies Repair Hammond Organs?

Companies that repair Hammond organs include B3 Guys, Hammond Organ World and Goff Professional. Another website, KeyboardExchange.com, offers free repair instructions and tips for Hammond owners who wish to perform simple repairs at home.

B3Guys.com is an organ company based in Nashville, Tennessee. It offers repair services on Hammond organs for customers in Tennessee, as well as in northern Alabama and southern Kentucky. Hammond organ repair services offered by B3 Guys include speaker maintenance, amp rebuilding, vibrato scanner rebuilding and custom finishes.

Hammond Organ World offers Hammond organ repairs throughout the areas of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This company offers repair service on all models of Hammond organs. Hammond Organ world can perform repairs in the customer's home, or in the company repair shop.

Goff Professional is located in Newton, Connecticut. The company offers in-shop repair services on Hammond organs, as well as mail-in repair and rebuild services on specific parts, such as vibrato scanners. Customers should call the shop to obtain the shipping address.

Keyboard Exchange International offers a number of tips aimed at Hammond organ owners who wish to diagnose or repair issues with an organ. The repair page on KeyboardExchange.com lists common problems and how to check for them, as well as instructions on how to perform minor repairs.