Which Companies Offer Free Server Hosting for Minecraft?

Triangle, GratisServer.nu and Aternos all offer free Minecraft server hosting for interested parties. While all three companies offer completely free hosting options, Triangle and GratisServer.nu also offer premium hosting plans with improved hardware and faster Internet connection properties to further supplement their free plans.

The free hosting packages offered by Triangle and GratisServer.nu come with complete file manager access, mod pack integration options, plugin integration options and MySQL access. Users can also request technical support and other forms of assistance directly from Triangle or GratisServer.nu through email, phone or through their dedicated support forums. These companies also offer complimentary access to databases of common support topics and troubleshooting solutions for users having difficulty setting up a free hosted Minecraft server. In contrast, Aternos only offers free server hosting without all of the additional features provided by Triangle and GratisServer.nu.

Free server hosting options for Minecraft maintained by Triangle and GratisServer.nu can only support a small number of players, typically 10 or less, without players experiencing significant lag when logging into the game. Premium options offered by Triangle and GratisServer.nu increase the RAM allotment for server hosting plans, allowing more players to join a server without experiencing lag. Minecraft servers hosted for free through Aternos do not have such limitations and can handle even large numbers of players without the development of player lag issues; however, all servers hosted through Aternos share a single processor, set of ram, player cap and Internet uplink connection.