What Companies Manufacture an 8-String Steel Guitar?


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Both Joe Morrell and Blue Star guitars manufacture 8-string lap steel guitars. A lap steel is a variety of guitar that is played while held horizontally, with light pressure applied to the strings with a slide.

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Joe Morrell offers an 8-stringed lap steel guitar as part of its custom series. As of 2015, they offer several models of the instrument, with different body shapes and finishes. The MJMP-8N JM Pro comes the closest to a traditional guitar in shape, although its neck is disproportionately broad.

The Blue Star Guitar Company sells a variety of guitar styles, including 8-stringed lap steel guitars. All instruments are custom-made. 8-string lap steels are popular with country musicians, as Don Helms, a guitarist who played on many Hank Williams records, used an 8-string lap steel.

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