What Are the Most Commonly Used Witchcraft Symbols?


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Some of the most commonly used witchcraft symbols used throughout the world are the pentagram, pentacle, antlers or horns and the crescent moon. Each stands for something different and has varying significance.

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What Are the Most Commonly Used Witchcraft Symbols?
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In the Pagan religion and witchcraft, the pentagram is usually a five-pointed star meant to symbolize the five elements: fire, earth, air, water and spirit. Each element corresponds to a particular color. Earth is green, air is yellow, fire is red, water is blue and spirit is white. The pentacle is typically made of wood or metal and is placed on the north side of the altar when performing magic.

Men wear antlers or horns as masculine symbols of God; horns are generally goat-shaped and antlers are deer-shaped. Horns and antlers are symbols of masculine virility.

The crescent moon is the symbol of the Goddess, worn by women of birthing age. It is a symbol of fertility and the ability women have to create new life.

Other commonly used witchcraft symbols include the wheel of the year, which symbolizes the different cycles of the year. Spokes on the wheel represent things like Ostara, Imboic and Litha, the different Sabbats.

The cross was a symbol of Pagan religion and witchcraft before it became a Christian symbol. It signifies balance and a witch may wear a cross to regain balance in her life.

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