What Are Some Common Sand Dollar Crafts?

Some common sand dollar crafts include using them to make jewelry, centerpieces, ornaments and a mirror. To make an ornament, all you need is paint, glitter glue, clear gloss and wire. Paint a poinsettia on the star-shaped depression of the sand dollar, then edge the sand dollar in glitter glue. Spray Krylon over the sand dollar, and thread a wire through one of the sand dollar's holes for the hanger.

Turn sand dollars into jewelry by collecting sand dollars and soaking them in a bleach solution one-part water and one-part bleach. After a few hours, rinse them off, and brush them with several coats of clear mod podge. To make earrings out of the sand dollars, glue earring blanks to them. For a necklace, glue the clasp onto the back of a sand dollar. Wait for the glue to dry before wearing the pieces.

Make an easy sand dollar centerpiece by filling a glass container with sand and topping it with sand dollars and a pillar candle. Sand dollars make unique, three-dimensional wall art. Glue the sand dollars to painted canvas or arrange them around a frameless mirror. Use a wide range of sizes, starting with the medium-sizes sand dollars and then hot-gluing on the larger ones with the smallest filling in any holes.